We wanted to make doing good even better

Peer Giving was started by a guy with his dad and some of their friends, who wanted to help charities spend more time on impact and less on everything else. They wanted to use their bajillion years of combined experience working in charity to make online fundraising feel human, and to make it more rewarding and less expensive for everyone.

We wanted to make doing good even better

John Bromley, founder

Fundraising is dead.
Long live fundraising.

We’d all like to sit down with donors and supporters and tell them what we’re up to. But that's a lot of coffee. So we wanted to rethink how to meaningfully connect with people. Turns out, at its core, fundraising is what it’s always been. People are just getting your updates in a different place — on their phone or computer instead of the coffee shop.

John Bromley at TEDx

Blake Bromley, founder

To win hearts and minds you need good tools and guts

My parents and grandparents were missionaries. And I’ve spent my career as a charity lawyer. What I’ve found is that people who do good have passion and guts. But they don’t always have the tools they need. And when they do, they can raise the support they need to really have impact.

Our mission

Empowering the human spirit of charity

It’s why we get out of bed. We’re here to help your projects succeed, by giving you the advice and support you need. Because helping you is how we work to make our world a better place.


All together now

Here (in what we call Benevoland) there are three organizations that share resources, tools and space, all to empower the human spirit of charity. At Peer Giving, we work to support charities. In the others, we help donors, non-profits and even for-profits reach their goals. And work with local and foreign governments to create better charity laws. Trying to do something good? We want to help.