Helping the world is meaningful.
Raising support is hard.

Fundraising made simpler.

You take care of doing good.
We take care of the rest.

You’re busy enough doing good. But you also need to raise the funds to keep doing it, take care of your supporters and reach new ones.

Reach more people

An easy way to share updates that matter to your supporters, and inspire them to spread the word.

Raise more money

A suite of tools that empowers your supporters to donate and fundraise for you.

Save more time

A system that lets you do three in one: reach supporters, raise funds and manage your website.


Fundraising is different today. 
Or is it?

Raising support has always been about telling people what you’re up to, and it still is. Peer Giving lets you connect with people better, and on any device.


We live and breathe charity in everything we do

Over the last thirty years, we’ve helped thousands of charities raise millions of dollars. And, for a decade we’ve been adapting the best of fundraising for the online world.

What people say

Automatic tax receipts? It’s almost too easy.
I don’t have to know any code to make a page about my project.